Developed by
Battle Geek Plus, LLC

Created in
Game Maker Studio

Main Developer, Writer, Programmer, and Director
Ryan Molina

Christopher Bell

siridhata (Main Character Designs)
mniluka (Popcorn Rocket Insignia)
Andy Rocketeer (Main Logos and Box Art)

Sprite Art
filthydrawings (Weapon Sprites)
frazzcos (Ship Sprites)


Mike Schoolcraft

Colonel Kernel
Exalin Excels

Shipman Butters
Hell Yeah Gaming

Engineer Saltshaker
And Hollenbach

Nagivator Nachos
Stan Morris

Cookieroid Monster
Grafton B. Jones

Cholesterol Commander
Michael Malconian

Major Metabolism
Stan Morris

General Gluten
Stan Morris

Dr. Nebula
Ryan Molina

Prince Kenneth Popcornia
Luke Argila

More voices to be added soon!